Barwa City

Barwa City is a large scale mixed used residential development. Located to the south of Muntazah Street between Mesaimeer and the Industrial area with a built up area of 945,537 sq. m. Barwa city is a self-contained community composed of 5968 residential units, two amenities areas, mosques, schools, clinic, health and fitness club, shopping center, commercial center, multipurpose Hall, and a bank among other facilities that would serve a community of over 25,000 people. 

Barwa City residential units are located in 128 buildings of three types A, B and C each type consists of 48, 48 and 32 buildings respectively. Type A provides 1056 two-bedroom and 1584 three bedroom units. Type B provides 2304 three bedroom units. Type C provides 1024 studio units totaling 5968 units.