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Waseef is unique, strong and committed to service and quality assurance. Tenants, owners and developers will all receive prompt and professional delivery of superior services from initial leasing to ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Empowered by our chain of service management, dedication and in-depth customer understanding, we are inspired by our employees, partners, residents and guests to create innovative and breakthrough solutions, This means we go beyond customer expectations to provide the entire spectrum of services, including: preventative maintenance and repairs, design development and consultancy, operations to construction & cost advice and analysis.

Our people work smarter to make your life easier. We pride ourselves in the caliber of the team at Waseef making better lives for our clients in the community. One of our core values as a Qatari owned and operated company, is the training and development of Qataris with global best practice and world-standard expertise. We believe in developing talent and placing knowledgeable people throughout our workforce. Our empowered and developed employees will be the foundation of a lasting legacy for future employees and their families.

Today, Waseef is a local company, strategically attaining a leadership position in some of the world’s most important and dynamic markets. Tomorrow, Waseef will become a regional and global force – serving nations, developers and their customers in emerging markets and established destinations.

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