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Barwa Village Extension

توسعة قرية بروة 4
As a response to the promising business growth in Barwa Village, its redevelopment led to the birth of the Barwa Village Extension.
With all its state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that provides a vital and balanced environment, it is a mixed-use building consisting of three floors, having the total area 34,492 square meters, including lot and building. The said building can accommodate diverse retail, commercial and residential activities specifically comprising of 56 commercial areas + 10 restaurants + 4 main stores + a main showroom plus 3 residential floors (consisting of 81 one bedroom apartments + 90 two bedroom apartments + 6 studios).

It is strategically designed to meet the expansion needs of our existing valued tenants for potential increase in revenue and profits and to serve as well the new businesses looking to expand and grow in a new environment in Barwa Village Extension.

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