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A residential development located in the northern part of Fox Hills in Lusail City, Dara has been developed as a residential complex on a total plot area of 147,000 square meters. It is divided into two phases.

Phase One is the construction of Dara A. Implemented on a total area of 16,415 square meters, it comprises of four residential 5 story buildings of 271 varying size units with a total built up area of approximately 41,112 square meters and one-level car parking with a total area of 13,513 square meters.

Phase two, the construction of Dara B – F. The project originally contains 53 plots, which were amalgamated to 17 plots for better land use, with a total land area of 129,572 square meters.

Dara is comprised of mixed-use developments with a total built-up area of 441,182 square meters. It is expected to offer 1,829 units of different sized residential apartments with underground car parking. Dara also features commercial shops with built up area of 30,216 square meters, in addition to recreational facilities and green areas for both residents and visitors.

Dara offers an opportunity to live peacefully, serenely, and with your mind at ease. Spacious apartments diversified in their designs and looks and state of the art CCTV systems.
Dara fulfills all your lifestyle needs within a short walk or bike ride, minimizing the use of cars and motorized vehicles. Alternative transportation is also available; a public train system and light rail service are both fully integrated into the Lusail master plan


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